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Ministry of Transportation/Trucking Charges

If you drive a commercial vehicle with a registered gross weight of over 4500kgs you will require a CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operators' Registration) certificate. The CVOR was implemented by the Ministry of Transportation to promote safe operation of trucks and buses on roadways.

Additionally, all commercial vehicles must undergo an annual safety inspection and a yellow sticker must be placed on the vehicle to indicate an inspection was completed. Commercial vehicles undergo regular roadside inspections carried out by the Ministry of Transportation enforcement officers on highway scales across the province.

The Commercial Vehicle Operators' Registration (CVOR) is used to track companies ratings based on:

  • collisions
  • traffic tickets
  • inspections, and
  • CVOR points lost

How to avoid get charged by a MTO Officer?

  1. Start your trip by completing a 15 minute pre-trip inspection. Make sure all defects are recorded in your log book,
  2. Make sure the driver complies with the Hours of Service regulations and ensures the log book is up to date at all times,
  3. Follow the rules of the road, and
  4. The driver must ensure that the load is secure.

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