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Traffic Ticket Links is a paralegal firm founded in 2005 that works with a network of paralegals, lawyers and former law enforcement professionals who have extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the traffic laws in Canada and USA.

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Reckless Driving Defence in Burlington

Careless driving charges can cover any number of offenses. You can receive a careless driving charge on its own or in conjunction with other charges. It can be for something as simple as texting while driving, or it can be for something like weaving through traffic or driving at very high speeds.

Depending on the exact nature of the reckless driving charge, you could face a very steep fine, or the charge could follow you for years, raising your insurance premiums and possibly even complicating your ability to get certain jobs.

If you just pay your fine, you won't be done with the charge. Sure, you'll have taken care of the reckless driving ticket, but the charge will remain on your driving record for some time. Working with a legal professional can help you mount a careless driving defence that can remove the ticket from your record entirely.

Traffic Ticket Links can help defend your reckless driving charges in Burlington and Milton. Our team includes paralegals, lawyers, and law enforcement personnel who have years and years of experience. We will use our experience and network of contacts to help negotiate a better settlement for your case, and we may even be able to have the charges dismissed. We'll work with you to determine the best course of action to get a good outcome for your case.

Contact Traffic Ticket Links today to schedule a free consultation for your careless driving case. We serve residents throughout the Burlington and Milton areas, and we have built a reputation of success through our nearly decade of service. The majority of our clients are able to maintain a clean driving abstract. Let us fight for you and try to get the same great results.

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