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Areas of Expertise

  • Careless Driving

    Careless driving is driving without due care and attention. This is a serious offence carrying 6 demerit points. Avoid an increase in insurance premiums.
  • Driving with no insurance

    A driving with no insurance conviction is a red flag for insurance companies. Act now and call us today to learn how to keep your car insured.
  • Traffic Tickets

    We specialize in fighting traffic tickets as tickets can impact your driving privileges. We fight to keep your driving record clean and insurance rates low.

Why trust us with your defense?

  • Over 98% Success rate!

    Our firm has resolved nearly 100,000 traffic matters and have a 98% success rate for preventing our client's from license suspensions, accumulation of demerit points and increased insurance premiums.

  • 10 years of experience

    We have 10 years of experience with handling traffic cases throughout Canada and the United States. Our firm strives for excellence and provides all our clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their legal matters. TTL's diverse team of legal experts understand the legal system and act to minimize the impact that traffic tickets can have on their daily life.

  • A talented team of paralegal experts

    A talented team of paralegal experts dedicated to providing clients with the best professional service required for all their traffic needs. Traffic tickets can be stressful for some and our legal team has extensive experience with aggressively defending our client's rights from day one. We are dedicated to being the shoulder our client's can lean on and trust in their time of need.

What our clients say about us...

“My son was sick, and needed to get him home to the bathroom. Like any parent, I just tried to drive as quickly as I could for him. The officer who pulled me over was apologetic, and got me back on the road quickly but he still gave me a ticket with a stiff fine. I was willing to just pay the fine, but not with the increase to my insurance premiums. Traffic Ticket Links had the people to take care of the ticket, so I could focus on taking care of Timothy!”